Omnibus Awards are those Suffolk County Legislative member items that are written into the annual county budget.  To find out if your non-profit organization has been awarded funds please check this link from the Suffolk County Legislature web site or contact your Suffolk County Legislator.  Omnibus Awards are not competitive grants.  Contact your Suffolk County Legislator for more information.

The Suffolk County Office of Cultural Affairs as part of the Department of Economic Development and Planning administers the contracts for Omnibus Awards.    

2023 Awardees


Your award will be administered by the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning.  In order for us to prepare a contract, we must receive and approve the following documentation: 

Project Summary and Explanation of Costs (click for writable pdf) is due to our office by March 31, 2023.

IRS Tax Exempt designation letter

Certification of Insurance and Declaration Page

You are strongly encouraged to view the Contract Seminar recording. Please start viewing at 10:51 minutes. Click Here for Seminar Link. Passcode: ?!7^njf#

Required Documents

1.  Article VI -- Project Summary and Budget of Expenditures.  

Article VI - Project Summary - 2017 Cultural_writablev3_JK.pdf  The Project Summary and Budget of Expenditures is a required document.  All awardees must complete this document and submit it to our office for review.   


PLEASE NOTE:  All funded programs must demonstrate a public benefit, and be consistent with the Suffolk County Code requirements for use of funds derived from Hotel Motel Tax. 

 NOTE: Section §523-15 of the SUFFOLK COUNTY CODE requires that these funds be directed to “cultural programs and activities relevant to the continuation and enhancement of the tourism industry.” Cultural programs and activities are defined as programs of any and all cultural disciplines, which include but are not limited to: music, dance, theatre, creative writing, literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, folk arts, photography, video and film, public media, history, museums; and the execution and promotion of other allied major cultural forms.

Contract funds may not be used for administrative costs, fund raising, conference attendance, scholarships, partisan political activity, campaign contributions, holiday parties, religious activities, personal attire, donations to other organizations, attorney fees, incorporation expenses, insurance or sales tax.   

The following items may be eligible for County funding subject to determination by the Department. Only those operating expenses required to conduct the funded program shall be deemed reimbursable expenditures. Food/non-alcoholic beverages or travel will only be considered a reimbursable expense if the requirement to provide same is specifically included in the performer’s contract.  Equipment may only be purchased with County funds if the equipment will be used to complete work on a County funded program and is not purchased for purposes of being permanently affixed to a structure. Equipment purchased with County funding cannot be used for purposes other than in furtherance of the goals of the County contract or agreement.  Funding applications including these types of expenses are subject to review and approval between the County Department involved and the County Attorney’s Office.

Funding applications which do not detail/identify expenditures to the satisfaction of the County will not be approved.

A copy of your agency’s certificate of insurance listing the County of Suffolk as an additional insured, insurance policy declaration pages, and your agency’s Not-for-Profit Certificate issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury under IRC §501(C)(3), (4), and (6) must be attached to this application.  The contract will not be prepared unless both certificates accompany this application.

A representative from the Department assigned to your contract will contact you to initiate contract procedures once your Project Summary is approved.


Omnibus 2021 Presentation





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