The 2024 Cultural Competitive and Emerging Film Festival application and guidelines are now available. They can be found on the landing page for Cultural Competitive and Emerging Film Festival.


All applicants are required to attend a grant writing workshop on October 17, 2023 at 10:00 am held on Microsoft Teams for Suffolk County Office of Cultural Affairs (SCOCA) Cultural and Film funding programs. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you may watch the recording. Please email to obtain access to the recording following October 17, 2023.

What we do!

Supporting growth in arts and film programs that enhance tourism is a key element in our county's integrated economic development strategy. A vital and diverse cultural climate supports the growth of business and industry, jobs, income and tax revenues, and helps build a positive image for the region. Indeed, the restoration of Suffolk's historic and beautiful performing arts centers or theaters has served as the focal point for the economic revitalization of several downtown areas.

The office of film and cultural affairs are committed to these and other programs that preserve the cultural heritage and unique character of our county and its communities. through the arts & film competitive grant we provide material support to organizations that work to:

Develop new arts and film programs that have the greatest potential to increase economic impact to communities and regions.

Enhance an existing arts and film program in order to significantly increase the economic impact to communities, regions and state.

Develop productive partnerships between local and regional arts, film, and tourism organizations; and/or public and private sector organizations, and/or state and federal agencies. develop a common vision and implementation plan for the development of cultural heritage.

Insure quality and integrity of interpretation and presentation of suffolk county long island's culture.

Attract new arts and film visitors to Suffolk county in a way that will extend tourist seasons or increase expenditures by tourists.

Confused by all the cultural lingo? Check out our handy glossary for creatives

Crediting requirements for all Suffolk county cultural and film grants

Credit must be given to Suffolk County in any printed material, programs, press releases, etc for all funded projects. Please select the appropriate logo for your project.

  1. The statement "public funding provided by suffolk county"; and
  2. Logo, please save the .jpg logos below for your web.
  3. Please email us for a high-res version.

Additional logos for your use:

EcoDev Logo

SCFC logoSCFC long logo

Final Report Guidelines 2024

All funded applications must submit a final report for each project to suffolk county office of cultural affairs within 30 days, or January 15, 2025, after the funded project is completed. Expenses, projects, and services performed are reviewed to ascertain an organization’s compliance with the contract terms. we will align your submitted invoices and cancelled checks against the project summary and program budget explanation of costs that was submitted by the organization, which becomes a contract term(s).

Please note that if a final report is not filed within the allotted time the organization may not be eligible for future funding.

The following are considered to be the final report.

  • Invoices for expenses incurred and charged to the funded project.
  • Cancelled checks (copies) or bank statement - proof that expenses were incurred as per agreement. Important: please organize the cancelled checks and/or bank statements to align with the invoice/contract that it is to match.
  • A narrative that includes:
    1. Results/outcomes
      1. What difference did this grant make in your community or neighborhood and for the population you are serving? please discuss evidence of effect (e.g., numbers served, client satisfaction survey results, pre- and post-test results, community indicators, outcomes, etc.)
      2. Describe collaborations, if any, related to the work funded by this grant and how it impacted your efforts.
      3. Describe your audience demographics and attendance numbers. We understand that this is often estimation. Demographic information is the socioeconomic characteristics of the audience expressed statistically, such as race & ethnicity, age, gender or any other characteristics unique to your population.

The final report form must be submitted electronically.

Please note that budget modifications will not be accepted at the time of submission to the final report. all budget modifications must be submitted prior to the changes requested to be made.





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