Itching to join the many writers who have called Suffolk home?  Some of today's most popular authors have found their muse in our county, Kurt Vonnegut, Nelson DeMille, Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Thomas Harris among them. 

Joining a writers workshop is a great way to meet other talented people and gain practical insights into the writing and publishing process. Sharing your ideas and working with fellow writers gives you access to feedback and perspectives that you will find invaluable.

Story Arts, Inc.

Herstory Writers Workshop

Stony Brook Southampton Writers Conference

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association

Informal meetups for poets:

Suffolk County Poet Laureate:

Gladys L. Henderson, 2017-2019 


Previous Suffolk County Poet Laureates:

Robert J. Savino 2015-2017

Pramila Venkateswaran 2013-2015

Edward Stever 2011-2013

Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan 2009-2011

David B. Axelrod 2007-2009

Daniel Moran 2005-2007

George Wallace 2003-2005






Diana J. Cherryholmes

Jackie McCormack

James McComb

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